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Spreading love not germs – Tips for what we can control

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

Words are powerful – as a writer and communication coach, I have been mindful of this for many years.  Words are only one part of how we communicate but for every word spoken or written, there is impact.

I believe we each have a responsibility for our own communication – the ripples we are creating.

Words can feed love, compassion, confidence or hatred and fear

The thing is, most of us know and understand that at an intellectual level, however fear is an emotion and when we are stressed, overwhelmed or emotionally triggered our logic and reason and things we ‘know’ can fly out the window.

The headlines are full of emotional words on any given day, even more so now because the media has something hot and global, so they are running with it at an alarming rate and people are drinking it up like its truth.

People are mostly intelligent and for the most part very informed from proper channels through work and schools, like Ministry of Health, and World health organisation. These organisations have no hidden agendas, you can tell by the way they write, NO emotional headlines just updates and fact-based information.

FACT: Be aware of the media’s agenda

The media is not paid or funded to tell the truth, or even report the truth, they are paid to get readership, they are all climbing over each other to get more readers, more followers and more money.

They don’t care about the impact of their words, or peoples mental or emotional well being, they count clicks, likes and money that comes in from sponsored ads etc.

“What we reap we sow – what we feed grows”

We can’t control many things in this situation but there are some things we can control

Tip #1: Watch what you read

Be careful what you read and where you get your information from – always be discerning and aware of the information source, social media is responsible for much of the panic, stress, negative social and emotional impact right now. Take care of your own mental health, be discerning.

Tip #2: Mind your language

When communicating, mind your own language. What you share (spread), the language you use, the words you say and write. Even if you decide to ignore tip #1 and choose to read emotive media reporting, then please THINK before you share it. What is your purpose for sharing it? Will sharing it help others in a positive way or just spread more fear.

Tip #3: Connect with your team on a personal level

Communicating with your organisation if you are a leader, business owner etc, is vital and you will need to be keeping people informed. Please remember to connect in on a personal level with your people, ASK how they are feeling, how their family is coping, do they need any support emotionally or physically to get through this unsettling time.

Tip #4: Consider the impact before sharing jokes

Be careful about appearing insensitive, there are lot of jokes going around, always consider the impact before sharing them. If you feel you MUST share it, sometimes just in a personal message to a few friends or family will satisfy this drive we seem to have to share everything on social media, carefully consider what you share on your main feed, who may see it and what that impact may be.

Tip #5: Being community minded and helping each other out

Be community minded in your communication. Understand there are people being affected by this virus, the global panic and crisis in so many ways, in many ways much worse than we are in NZ right now. Instead of sharing negative stuff, keep up the posting of positive stuff, think of ways you can help life others rather than feed the fear and hatred.

Tip #6: What to do with triggered emotions

Processing our emotions is a communication skill that not everyone knows how to do in a healthy way. Emotions are part of who we are, and they can give us information to act in an intelligent way if we know how to process them.

Instead of being driven by emotions and reacting all over the show, which can be exhausting and wear us down, learn to process emotions, work through them to understand what information they might be giving and then use that as part of  planning what to do with that information.

Stay safe, stay positive and remember to be mindful

Love and good vibes to you all – keep spreading the love

Jen Tyson

Communication Coach – Author – Trainer


Take good care of your physical health, keep up routines of exercise and health appointments, if you were going on a holiday that has had to be cancelled, replace that holiday with a ‘staycation’ still take the time to rest, relax and do something fun, it just may look different to how you had planned

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What does LOVE have to do with it?

The words love and business don’t often come in the same sentence or in the same experience, unless someone is referring to their ‘love’ of business or of what they do for a living. Often separated as ‘life’ and ‘business’ – they are kept far apart for fear of emotions being involved.

Part of our human condition is that we yearn to belong, connect with each other and feel unconditional love and acceptance, some need this more than others externally but I am yet to meet a human being who doesn’t need this at some level – sometimes protective walls are built stronger than a brick mansion because of hurt and pain and getting ‘love arrows’ through can be hard work.

Showing love and care to another person can be risky, require effort, consistency, vulnerability and commitment – I think perhaps that we can shy away from this because it all seems too hard, so we resort to superficial interest – just enough to get by. Sometimes we make a start but then get a prickly first reaction so back off and recoil.

I believe when you are clear on what your deep passion is, what you were born to do, it is easy to share this with the world around you from a position of genuine love and care. It is that thing you do when you would do it all day long even if you were not getting paid to do it…..This cannot, in my humble opinion, be disconnected from our heart and emotions.

Words like abundance, karma, generosity, warmth, encouragement, honesty and an interest in another’s happiness or success are all birthed from a place of passion and love.

I have experienced times when connecting and building business relationships,  where sharing my passion, practicing genuine care and interest in others and generously sharing skills and ideas has brought about significant positive change and reactions with an ongoing ripple effect.

Some of the ways I try to practice this often:

* Giving genuine compliments

* Practicing inclusiveness, making sure others are included in discussions and groups

* Making people feel warm and welcome by making eye contact, remembering their name, focused attention when speaking to them

* Taking a moment to share your expertise when asked for opinion, advise or help, without expectation or a sales pitch for further services, just give value.

* Try to leave any interaction with the attitude of leaving things better than you found them

Insight: Not everyone appreciates this approach, there are some people that believe that business and love don’t mix and that is OKAY, I am committed to being who I am in the world and sharing that with those who want to connect with me.

Let your authentic self shine more each day