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Connected to purpose – Thriving in life

Business with no debt or $0 capital

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Wow that is a big heading isn’t it? But it can be done! I have done it and so have others. No it is not the easiest path but for some it may be the only path, for various reasons it can be ch…

Source: Business with no debt or $0 capital


Author: jentyson

I love life and believe we were all created for a purpose, what we do with our time here matters. Each of us was born with a unique set of talents and skills, with something to contribute to the bigger picture. I love to get people switched on to the possibility of change, to help them develop new thinking habits and to watch them connect to the pleasure of new behaviors. I help people to have happier, more meaningful lives both at work and in their personal lives, because the principles of healthy communication can be applied everywhere.

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