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What does LOVE have to do with it?

The words love and business don’t often come in the same sentence or in the same experience, unless someone is referring to their ‘love’ of business or of what they do for a living. Often separated as ‘life’ and ‘business’ – they are kept far apart for fear of emotions being involved.

Part of our human condition is that we yearn to belong, connect with each other and feel unconditional love and acceptance, some need this more than others externally but I am yet to meet a human being who doesn’t need this at some level – sometimes protective walls are built stronger than a brick mansion because of hurt and pain and getting ‘love arrows’ through can be hard work.

Showing love and care to another person can be risky, require effort, consistency, vulnerability and commitment – I think perhaps that we can shy away from this because it all seems too hard, so we resort to superficial interest – just enough to get by. Sometimes we make a start but then get a prickly first reaction so back off and recoil.

I believe when you are clear on what your deep passion is, what you were born to do, it is easy to share this with the world around you from a position of genuine love and care. It is that thing you do when you would do it all day long even if you were not getting paid to do it…..This cannot, in my humble opinion, be disconnected from our heart and emotions.

Words like abundance, karma, generosity, warmth, encouragement, honesty and an interest in another’s happiness or success are all birthed from a place of passion and love.

I have experienced times when connecting and building business relationships,  where sharing my passion, practicing genuine care and interest in others and generously sharing skills and ideas has brought about significant positive change and reactions with an ongoing ripple effect.

Some of the ways I try to practice this often:

* Giving genuine compliments

* Practicing inclusiveness, making sure others are included in discussions and groups

* Making people feel warm and welcome by making eye contact, remembering their name, focused attention when speaking to them

* Taking a moment to share your expertise when asked for opinion, advise or help, without expectation or a sales pitch for further services, just give value.

* Try to leave any interaction with the attitude of leaving things better than you found them

Insight: Not everyone appreciates this approach, there are some people that believe that business and love don’t mix and that is OKAY, I am committed to being who I am in the world and sharing that with those who want to connect with me.

Let your authentic self shine more each day


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YES or NO? – Facebook and LinkedIn for small business

After spending years in the area of business development including developing marketing strategies both for online and offline results, I have learned a few things about this ‘social media’ space that I would love to share with you.

Small business owners are often bombarded by statements such as “if you are not on social media for your business no one will find you” or somebody says “You really should have a Facebook page or how will people find you” OR “EVERYONE is on Facebook, or LinkedIn”

It is easy to be swayed or even stressed into panic mode by these comments when your own knowledge and confidence in this space is low, you know there are answers but have not had the time to go find out what you actually need to do for your business.

There is other social sharing ‘channels’ but for today let’s just focus on the two biggest and most well-known ones, Facebook and LinkedIn.

My TIPS and findings:

#1 They are totally different, the people who hang out on there, what is shared and expected on there, what people are looking for on there is all different. One is very social the other very professional.

#2 You may not NEED to be on both or either, it is important that you view your business with clear eyes and really understand if this is a wise spend of your resources, time and maybe money.

#3 When getting advice/ professional help make sure the person is skilled, trained and even experienced in BOTH marketing for small business and social media, not all marketers are both and not all advise comes from a ‘qualified’ source – before responding to one of those throw away statements or others like them, as above, please ask yourself the question ‘who is giving me this advice? And do I need a second qualified opinion?”

#4 If you are going to ‘go there’ on either platform or both, set it up well, attend a webinar, read some articles and get some help! Treat it like a serious part of your marketing strategy, which needs to be consistent, measurable and bring a return.

Some questions to answer if this is a grey area for you still:

Have you defined your ‘target market’ or ideal clients?

This is vital, to know WHO they are, what their problems are and where they are looking for your solutions. If you are yet to do this ON paper with some help I would start here.

Now you know WHO your target market is, which (if any) of the main two social sharing platforms are they most likely to want to connect with you on?

Business to consumer type of businesses tend to do well on Facebook, Food outlets, swim schools, children’s clothing and supplies, things that can be marketed in a way that provokes emotion

Business to business type of businesses tend to do well on LinkedIn, this is a great place to raise awareness of you as an expert or leader in your industry, to have a resume type of profile, and to strengthen offline networking opportunities, peoples mind set is different when they are in this space.

Do you have an overall marketing strategy in place, even a basic one, that this will fit nicely into so that everything ties in well to what you are doing and wanting to achieve?

A marketing plan, is just a plan that is designed to help your business grow in the direction  you want and need it to, IF your background is in small business marketing you may write your own, but I would strongly suggest you still get another pair of expert eyes over it to make sure, marketing to the wrong market and heading in the wrong direction as a business owner can be a costly mistake, if this is not your area of expertise find help, local chambers run short workshops, find a business consultant or coach that specialises in this (not all do) this doesn’t have to be complex to be well done.

What level of help do you need in the platform you have chosen to add to your marketing strategy?

There are short workshops, online and offline that can give you just enough information to know what to do, there are small consultants now who focus on helping you get this right, FREE workshops are sometimes great and sometimes lacking so be sure to define WHAT help you need and find something that helps you achieve that.


Be aware that once you are on there, people are now watching, even when you can’t see they are, sounds creepy I know but it’s a fact, so make sure that your language, sharing, opinions, images and ‘flavour’ is in line with your brand, carrying your brand and reputation through everything you do is powerful, not always easy, but start off with good habits, and if you have a personal Facebook page with business contacts on there, try to slowing separate them.

I LOVE social media and use it as a powerful platform to share, network, encourage and extend my extended community in life and business, I have put some time into understanding it so far and figuring out what works and what doesn’t – if you don’t love it, and your business doesn’t need to be on there, then spend your time and energy elsewhere.

To your business success – as always, be awesome, be you.