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Am I enough?


I have been actively pursuing this word and its meaning lately, from the perspective that we as human beings have this tendency to sell ourselves short of who we are, thinking we fall short or afraid to do so. Blowing this little box of lies wide open to change, I have had many recent occasions where I have been reminded that – I am enough!

It wasn’t always like this though and I have become increasingly aware of those around me putting themselves down, not stepping into opportunities and continuously striving to be something more than they are in a dissatisfied, missing the moment kind of way.

As a woman in business, a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, sister, cousin and aunty…I have had those days where I feel like I just can’t be that ‘perfect’ everything to everyone, setting up that ‘ideal party environment’ for the negative thoughts to go to town.

“If only I was rich enough, had enough time, skinny enough, fast enough, intelligent enough, I could…… so much more, have so much more, feel so much more…….”

Don’t get me wrong, my mantra is ‘Be the best version of ME I can be today in the world’ which requires operating in a growth mind-set, open to developing my strengths, acknowledging my weakness’s and moving forward, but I have found the KEY words in my mantra are BEST and CAN.

One day, not so long ago, I had a revelation. That each day I set about being that best version of ME in the world, is about doing the BEST I CAN, with the resources, understanding and knowledge I have right now.

As a recovering self-perfectionist,  qualified ‘over achiever’, coupled with a competitive,  and ambitious nature, this ‘revelation’ has released me, most days from the need to be perfect, to be everything to everyone and instead to see each day as an opportunity to LOVE,  LIVE, LEARN and GROW.

My faith has helped me make some sense of this life I have been given and my reason for being born, and I do believe that we are all born for a reason, to be ourselves , bring our talents, our abilities and our unique gifts to the world around us.

Today, I am acknowledging and celebrating that I am enough, and I choose to be the BEST version of ME that I CAN be in the world, with what I currently know and have.

I started this change by noticing when these negative thoughts were trying to pitch tents in my head, and just quietly repeated to myself “I am enough, I have enough time to do the things I need to do today, I have enough resources and information to be the BEST version of ME I CAN be in the world around me, today”

Those thoughts still creep up on me sometimes, but now instead of catching them when they are pitching tents, I am catching them before they even unpack the tents.

For those of you who relate to parts of my journey on this, give yourself a break, celebrate who you are and acknowledge you are doing the best what you have and know today.

Press in, enjoy the journey, find joy in the moments, LOVE who you are, be kind, strive for learning not perfection and remember to laugh!

We have one life, why settle for less than who you were born to be.